Weekly Schedule 11/28/16 - 12/2/16

Complete Vocabulary for NGSS 2.1.1
  • Definition
  • Origin
  • Diagram, sentence or picture

Complete ALL Dashboard work.  This is past DUE!


90-100                    A    Exceeds the  Standard

89-80                      B    Exceeds the Standard

79-70                      C    Meets the Standard

69-60                      D    Below Performance

59-0                        F    Does not Meet the Standard 

Name(s)                                                                       Date:

Lab Title:                                                                  Grade / Homeroom:

Problem:  States what we are trying to find out

Hypothesis:  States what we expect we will find out; or what we think                              will happen

Materials:  Lists the supplies we use

Procedure:  Describes each step required to dot he experiment

Results:  Tells what happened int he experiment

Class results:  Tells what happened (the results) of each group in the                                 class.

NOTE:  Individual results and class results may be (usually are) graphed!!

Graphs:  Picture of individual and/or class results

(10 points)

Conclusion:  1.  Explain how you were able to get the results through       40 points           the procedure

                            2.  What do the results mean?  (What does the data tell                                         us?)

                           3.  What variable(s) influenced the results? How?                                                  (identify the CONTROL)

                          4.  What scientific concept(s0 do the results prove /                                               disprove?  Define the concept(s)

                          5.  Answer any lab questions that are given in addition to                                   the lab


Diagram: A picture that shows how the experiment was set up.  Use         10 points   colored pencils, with the materials and parts labeled.  You                             are NOT allowed to draw stick figures.

Reflection: Your detailed reaction to the following questions:

10 points        1.  what part of the lab did you find most challenging?

                         2.  what facts / concepts did you learn?

                         3.  when did you feel the most successful during the lab?

                         4.  if you were to do this experiment again, what would you                              do differently?

Grading will be as follows:  Problem, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure-5%; Results, Class Results, Observations-25%; Conclusion-40%; Diagram-10%; Reflection-10%